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Gas and oil prices are high due to the war started by Russia and are climbing rapidly. The people of the U.S. and other countries around the world are feeling the pain of the increased cost of gas and oil. To help fight for freedom across the world and right now in the Ukraine:

  •     American people are paying higher gas prices because they are doing their part in supporting the Ukrainian people, freedom in the world and standing up to Russian aggression.
  •     Americans and American businesses are helping the people of Ukraine by doing what we do best: speaking up for freedom and opposing oppression.
  •     Freezing the gas and oil prices will stop the big oil and gas companies from making unfair profits from a tragic war, killing mothers, children and pregnant women.
  •     Together we will stop Russian aggression and help all Americans and people throughout the world to live in Peace and have the opportunities to achieve their dreams.

Other ways we can cut the demand for oil and gas:


  • Carpool with someone and save your gas.
  • Dress warmer and lower your thermostat a few degrees.

Working together we can all help cut the need for so much oil and gas and bring down the prices.

Become part of the Movement by sharing this Initiative!

Become part of the Movement by sharing this Initiative!