Launch America

The Launch America Objective is to develop and initiate public policy concepts that can be put into motion now that help people launch their dreams.

The H-1B Visa Corporate Purchase Initiative provides that each h-1BVisa purchased by a corporation or business will fund a STEM or other scholarships for the Education Across America programs.

Dreams don’t always have to grand – going to outer space. Dreams can be simple or big. A degree, a career, or just finishing high school and learning a trade to get a good job. Maybe a startup. Mothers dream of giving their children a healthy, happy and secure upbringing and education where they can grow and have a prosperous, fulfilling life.

Through collaboration with other social think tanks and through ‘social energy’, social media content, and viral platforms we will utilize influencers, content creators, politicians, and other endorsers to create awareness around the concepts that can disrupt the current systems in place and make a positive change in the world.

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