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The Launch America Initiatives

Launch America develops and promotes new programs and public policy initiatives
that can make an immediate impact on people's lives and the American economy.
Replace or modify current lottery for H-1B Visas with a corporate purchase program. Corporations purchase H-1B visas for key staff insuring they get the technical expertise they need to maintain America's technology leadership. Income generated from each visa purchased will fund scholarships for STEM and Education Across America. With over 200,000 H-1B corporate visa applications in 2021 more than $1 Billion in scholarships could be created.Coming soon! The new book by Launch America - LAUNCHING THE AMERICAN DREAM - H-1B Visa Purchase Initiative Powering STEM Education and America's Global Leadership.
Provide scholarships to educate more STEM students to advance and maintain the American technological leadership and build a stronger middle class. Promote STEM education programs and offer scholarships to disadvantaged groups.
Providing training on how to get a job and job opportunities for high school youth looking for a trade or technical training and college grads that have not been able to get a position. A person needs experience to get a job – a chance to learn and grow.
Empowering Women to take charge of their lives, to stand up and speak up for themselves and their loved ones. Mothers and the primary caretakers of children have the power to reshape the neighborhoods and world they live in and create an environment for the development of happy, healthy and secure children to all live in peace and safety.
Provide major subsidies and incentives for all Americans to install made in America solar panels in their homes creating jobs for manufacturing and installation and reducing our reliance on oil and gas
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