Launch America Initiatives

H1-B Visa Corporate Purchase Program

Provides corporations a program to guarantee the employment of the high tech workers they have hired in place of the current lottery system and provides funding for STEM and other scholarships.

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Scholarships Across America

Promotes STEM and other scholarships to help keep America in the technological world leadership position and provide a robust middle class that can realize the American Dream.









Interns Across America

Promotes public policy initiatives to provide mentoring opportunities to those college graduates seeking work and to the low income youth who need training and on the job experience to get a job and develop a career.









     Empower Women Across America

Mothers and all primary caretakers of children, are fighting for a Healthy, Happy and Secure Environment for their children.

Women are the core of the family and community. Empowering women and other primary caretakers to empower themselves and their children will create positive change.  The goal for all families is to provide a healthy, happy, and secure home and environment in which their children can live, learn, and grow into an adult with a good job and career and live in peace.

The Tutor Mentor Connection assists to coordinate available educational and financial resources to help low income communities and families get the education and mentoring they need.











Startups Across America

The Launch America Initiative for Tax Credits for Investors Who Fund and Mentor All Types of Startups

Most startups receiving investments are high tech companies forecasting huge returns to the investors.  The startups with a great business plan that can generate millions of dollars and a great lifestyle are overlooked and have difficulty getting funded.  This is especially true of startups in low income areas.

The Launch America Initiative promotes a tax credit for all investors who fund and mentor startups. Mentoring is important and all new business can benefit from the mentoring of those helping with their investments.

Each new business formed puts tax dollars back into the economy through payroll taxes and income taxes.  In addition each business formed puts savings or other investment capital to work in the economy purchase goods and services or paying for labor. This in turn stimulates the economy and generates more tax income to the government.

Over time, the startups that grow and prosper together with the cash flow generated by all the startups will create a positive income to the economy and provide many people across America a chance to live the American Dream.


Energy Efficient Technology Development

Induction technologies provide nearly 90% energy efficient appliances for the commercial food service and appliance industries helping to cut carbon emissions and reduce global warming.

Nick Bassill pioneered induction technologies in North America for the food service and residential markets. Through his pioneering efforts and joint ventures with EPRI and Virginia Tech, advanced inverter designs were developed to power a wide variety of commercial and residential equipment.

These induction ranges are nearly 90% energy efficient compared to 33% with gas and 50% to 60% with standard electric. Furthermore, the induction ranges provide a cooler, safer and more friendly kitchen environment requiring less venting and make up air. All these benefits save valuable resources and cut energy consumption to help our environment.

The latest international offerings by the Hatco Corporation now offer high energy efficient, programmable induction ranges which allow restaurant chains and other industrial applications to set fixed power, temperature and time cycles for cooking, heating and warming a variety of products, ensuring a consistent product and cutting labor time and waste.




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