Reviving The American Dream

Launch America! Reviving the American Dream

An innovative American entrepreneur outlines a bold new grassroots initiative to jump-start the economy, create new jobs all across the country and revive the American Dream for millions of Americans.  

Creating an American economic renaissance . . .

The Launch America Initiative is a nonpartisan, grassroots effort to create an economic renaissance that will impact the lives of millions of Americans. The aim of the endeavor is to help people all over the country to turn their own personal American dream into a concrete reality.

An optimistic and realistic vision for the future . . .

Launch America! Reviving the America Dream offers a vision for the future that is both optimistic and realistic.

The book introduces the Launch America Initiative and describes its proposals and strategies for creating thousands of new businesses and new jobs all across the country.


Unlike other startup initiatives, Launch America encourages not just high-tech, high-growth startups, but all types of innovative business ventures – brick-and-mortar stores, mom-and-pop shops, online companies – in all different fields. Its primary ideals and goals:

  • To help aspiring entrepreneurs establish new startup businesses
  • To motivate potential investors to fund and support the startups
  • To enable startups to grow and thrive by bringing on board experienced coaches and mentors
  • To increase exponentially the number of investors in startups through a major new tax incentive and safety-net proposal.
  •  With a tax credit sufficient to double the current number of angel investors, over $17 billion in new funding could be made available to startups. With an average amount of funding of $100,000 per company, this funding would supply a pool of capital to establish over 170,000 new startups each year.
  •  To promote legislation that will allow middle-class Americans the same opportunity as affluent Americans to start or fund a new business venture, and the same potential to achieve financial independence
  •  To foster the ideal of service by encouraging retirees, college students and graduates, the unemployed and underemployed to contribute their expertise and experience to helping startups to flourish
Taking control of your destiny, living your American dream . . .

Launch America! also offers a step-by-step guide for aspiring entrepreneurs. If you have always dreamed of creating your own business, this book can help you to get started, build your business on a solid foundation, and give you the best possible chance for success and longevity. It can help you to take control of your own destiny and live your American dream. Just a few of the topics you will find in the book:

  • How to form your startup team
  • Tips on writing a clear and compelling business plan
  • The invaluable help a mentor can offer and how to choose one
  • Where to look for funding
  • Improving communication and decision-making skills
  • The ideal of service, of people helping people

“Innovation and business startups have always been the driving force of American economic growth. The Launch America Initiative, outlined in Nick Bassill’s new book, reveals a clear path to a major economic stimulus.”

Tom Stern, M.D., Chairman, One World Institute
Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

Launch America! Reviving the American Dream is available at Barnes and Noble.

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